May 30, 2012

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Zetman episode 09

Oh, wow. What an epic episode this was. I was planning on making a big fuss out of it, but I’ve decided to keep it short and simple. I usually tend to go on for too long about all sorts of unimportant stuff when I’m excited. Sorry about that.

The story continues as we see how Seiji’s men use their transformation abilities to infiltrate the Amagi mansion and fool Konoha into giving them Jin’s pendant, the same pendant that his ‘grandfather’ left him. It was an easy win for Seiji and his men. This means that Jin can no longer become complete. He needs that red stone in order to obtain his complete form; the red Zet.

This entire episode revolved around betrayal, lies and friendship. Jin now knows who his true friends are. That’s something that cannot be forgotten. The question is; is that guy, “master”, a friend or a foe? He claimed to help Jin on his quest to take down Seiji, seeing as Seiji, despite having a higher rank in the EVOL change, has become a serious threat that he cannot defeat alone, apparently.

It isn’t all bad though. Sure, one of those scientists lost their lives during the attack on the Amagi mansion, but everyone else survived. Well, that and the fact that Jin and Hanako have officially become a couple. That was really, really great to see. Both of them deserve it. They have had a lot of hardships in the past, so it’s time to make a few good memories, don’t you think?

I know that the episode wasn’t all negative, but things will only get worse from here on out. Jin now has a girlfriend, yet another person that he has to protect at all cost. Kouga now needs to deal with that psychopathic old man that seems to have captured his little sister. And I’m sure that Kouga’s grandfather will soon have to deal with Kouga’s father. It’s not all that surprising. Kouga’s father doesn’t care as much about his family as he does about his company, and he’s clearly willing to do anything in order to keep things from going south. The next episode will be awesome, I just know it.

Zetman episode 09 screencaps

  1. D.Trotter777 says:

    I agree. This season has rewarded us with a lot of great anime. I already pre-ordered the Zetman DVD-box from a Japanese importer 🙂

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