Jun 13, 2012

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Zetman episode 11

Oh god, the chaos, the mayhem… It’s going down hard in Zetman. I love it! So many more complications, deaths and problems popped up during this episode. I have no idea where to start. The only problem is that the next two episodes will be the last. It does have a flipside though, for it will allow me to finally read the manga.

This episode revolved mainly around Kouga and his hellish struggle to obtain power. I wouldn’t say he tried to obtain power as much as he tried to ensure his little sister’s safety, even though she was safe with Jin’s “aunty”. There was so much death and betrayal in this episode, absolutely unreal. Kouga had to endure as countless of girls got killed before his very eyes, until he finally stood face to face with that mad scientist and his mutant son. He told him about how his father was behind the creation of players and how he used them as mere playthings, and that it got out of hands and left them as well as his employee’s to die down there.

Seriously, I thought it couldn’t get any worse, when suddenly Hayami, the man who helped build Alphas, Kouga’s suit, suddenly appears to come to that madman’s aid. Kouga was shocked, as is only to be expected in such a situation. However, things soon got out of hand when Kouga got a hold of his weapon, killed the bug that was controlling the hostage and shot pretty much everyone and everything in sight. That player died due to a beautiful headshot, that mad scientist got shot to death as well and even Hayami got a full load afterwards. The way Kouga handled that situation was absolutely epic. I guess he’s not all talk after all.

So now the time has come, huh? Kouga has somehow mature, being fully prepared to sacrifice his body in order to use Alphas’ full potential. Jin has joined the party as well, also fully prepared to go to extreme lengths to stop Seiji and his followers from doing whatever they want. I must say that watching Zetman has been an absolute delight, and that I can hardly wait to see the final two episodes. I had high hopes for Zetman, ever since I read about it, but it turned out to be so much better. Make me proud to be an anime fan, Japan!

Zetman episode 11

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