Jun 20, 2012

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Zetman episode 12

Oh the madness, the chaos, the insane epicness… Thank god Zetman never took a break. Zetman has been given a certain rating, but I honestly think that it doesn’t do the show any justice. I would’ve given this at least an eight, at the very least!

Everything was so dark and chaotic, I absolutely loved it! Kouga had finally released the limiter on his suit, also known as Alphas. This did him more wrong than good. He can no longer think rationally. It had gotten to the point where he shot both of his parents in the blink of an eye. It was absolute madness. I guess that mad scientist got his wish after all. He wanted to see how Kouga killed his own father for all the things he had done. Mind you, I loved to see how that crazy old man died. He was a horrible father and an even worse human being. He even ordered his men to kill his own son.

Everything was going to hell and Jin and Kouga were the only ones capable of stopping the Players from destroying and killing any further. That’s when Seiji threw him the Crimson Stake, the stake that was made from the red stone, and told him to stick that in his chest. Jin told Kouga to be ready in case he turned evil as he prepared for the worst whilst shoving that stake right in there. It was really awesome to see Jin’s complete form at last. Too bad that it was part of Seiji’s plans all along. You see, Players regress in the presence of Jin, but that was amplified when Jin became complete, which means that the Players are now stronger than ever and unable to stop themselves from regressing any further.

I was actually surprised when I saw Hanako transform into a Player as well. This changes things completely. How the hell is Jin supposed to fight Hanako, the girl with whom he planned to start a family? That just goes to show that Seiji really thought things through. But Hanako has to be a special case though. She didn’t regress when she used to be with Jin. She only changed when he became complete, so there may be a way of stopping her without having to kill her. Oh man, I can hardly wait to see the final episode!

Zetman episode 12 screencaps

  1. This episode is on my top 5 list. The next one wasn’t nearly as good.

  2. Briliant! I hope there is more to come!!

  3. Where the hell is that second season?????

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