Jun 27, 2012

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Zetman episode 13

Something tells me that this post will be very short. The last twelve weeks of Zetman have been absolutely great, until this episode finally arrived. I am sorry, I really am, but I just can’t acknowledge this as an ending for Zetman. Those who can haven’t been following the story well enough, I think.

We all know that Zetman is very dark and chaotic anime, so what is up with this ending? Hanako, as well all know, turned out to be a player. Still, Jin loved her and wanted to find a way to turn her back to normal. How is it acceptable for Kouga to kill her just like that? He just flew up in the air, switched his weapon to sword-mode and sliced Hanako-chan in two. That is unacceptable, especially after all the things that he has done. It got even worse when Jin, although in great pain, let Kouga off on that one. Maybe he realized that she was a Player, maybe he didn’t. All I’m saying is that I would’ve gotten even after someone just killed my girl in front of me.

Those were the first few bits I didn’t agree with. I also don’t agree with the fact that Jin and Kouga both grew apart. One fights in front of the public as a hero (Kouga, who else?) and one from behind the scenes, trying not to draw any unwanted attention. How could I possibly accept this ending? Jin has finally become complete, still managed to lose his girlfriend, lost most (if not all) of his friends and is still fighting against Players, whom still roam the land as if it were their own. That’s just wrong, for Jin to experience even more pain in the end.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching Zetman. It is definitely worth watching and I plan on seeing it again someday. I was actually hoping for a second season after I saw the ending, but I doubt there’s any chance of that. I have been reading the manga (for as far as I can) and it seems that the ending really does look bad for Jin. It makes you wonder what motivates that character to fight after all day. He lost his friends, family and lover, so what’s the point in fighting when you’ve got nothing left? I don’t think we’ll ever know from the looks of it.

Zetman episode 13 screencaps

  1. Thomas A says:

    I really love the zetman manga (and it’s updating too slowly in english translation) so i really want to read another manga similar to it xD with good art (just as good as it i mean)!!!! SO if you’ve read zetman please recommend something to me!

  2. Anne Felton says:

    hey guys i started watching Zetman anime and its amazing .. i heard that there are only gonna be 13 episodes for the anime .. is it true or there gonna do 13 episodes then do another season?

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