Nov 3, 2012

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 05

I made the biggest mistake last night… I, for some reason, decided to install Windows 8. Never again! I missed my chance to watch Zetsuen no Tempest as soon as it was released. I slept very little but I’ve finally seen this week’s episode!

I must start this post by saying that this story is becoming clearer by the minute. I always wondered why those two wouldn’t just use all the available resources to get Hakaze off that island, instead of just running around the place like chickens without their head. This episode pretty much cleared all of that up, and more!

Mahiro and Yoshino didn’t receive Hakaze’s help in order to get her off that island. She gave them that power so that they couldn’t continue sly interfere with her brother’s plan. It seems that her brother is working on a very delicate plan, a plan that could collapse if even a little mistake were to be made. That is where those two come in; they have to keep interfering.

Samon is planning to resurrect a very old, yet powerful force. A force that he couldn’t control if something were to go wrong. That power is unstable and very dangerous. It seems that Hakaze is the only one that could truly control that power, which is why she was left on that island instead of being killed. She’s the emergency backup plan. She could always be retrieve off that island if something were to go wrong. That is why Yoshino and Mahiro are trying to obstruct Samon’s plan; it’s all so that Samon will be forced to retrieve his little sister and beg her for mercy, as she would be the only one to stop that power from destroying everything. It’s truly an interesting plan, that’s for sure.

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 05 screencaps

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