Nov 10, 2012

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 06

Oh boy, I don’t like the way things are going right now. It’s almost as though Yoshino and Mahiro are about to become enemies. I don’t like the thought of that. Yoshino and Mahiro are such a good pair… No point in separating them.

Now, the only thing that would separate them would be the fact that Yoshino used to be Aika’s boyfriend. However, that may turn out to be a problem if Mahiro ever finds out. Mahiro loved her too, not as a brother would love his sister, but as a man would love his woman. That makes matters worse. He lost both his sister(?) and his girl. No wonder that he’s looking for her killer. I would probably torture and kill the bastard too if I were him. Not to mention that I would beat the living hell out of whomever stole her from me during that time, which would be Yoshino in this case.

Anyway, things progressed as Samon’s plans continued. They awakened eye after eye, resulting in a lot of deaths at the hand of that metallization syndrome. Talk about the pilgrim’s path never being easy… How in the world are Mahiro and Yoshino, two inexperienced magicians with very few talismands left, going to stop Samon from succeeding? It’s starting to look really grim right now…

Hell, I haven’t even started about the fact that Yoshino is cooperating with the government. Hell, he’s cooperating with the same woman that tried to kill him on several occasions. I see Yoshino as more of a thinker than a fighter, so he must have some kind of plan that would require him to befriend those people. That’s the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with.

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