Nov 24, 2012

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 08

They can’t be serious? Those twists in the story were fun at first, but it’s getting out of hand. The story is getting too complicated for people to understand. Rather, it’s getting too complicated to enjoy. I understand it, sure, but it’s not as amusing as it used to be.

We all know that Yoshino and Mahiro are getting ready for the final showdown. Everyone is on edge and time seems to be running out, as the Tree of Exodus’ revival is near. This led to an all-out attack by the army, by people with no magic. I found that rather strange, as Yoshino shared quite a few talismans with them. Why not use them to get ahead?

That just made me thing about what is really going on. Basically, the army is just a decoy for Yoshino and Mahiro. That’s how I see it. Those two used that opportunity to break through the barrier and confront Samon, who had anticipated their arrival. Things were okay up to this point. No strange twists, no complications and no gaps in the story.

However, that soon changed when Samon presented them with a skeleton, a full skeleton I might add. He claimed that the skeleton in question belonged to Hakaze. Everyone, including myself, thought that it was rather strange, seeing as Hakaze was talking to them in real-time. That’s when the strangest twist yet happened; it seems that Hakaze is talking to them from the past. From two years in the past to be exact. How the hell do you explain that? One could only invoke magic by sacrificing technology. What kind of technology was sacrificed for Hakaze to speak to them from two years in the past? It’s just too ridiculous. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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  1. come on this was by no means their best :S

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