Dec 1, 2012

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 09

Oh thank god, they explained it! I was really worried that the story had taken a turn for the worst. The magic in Zetsuen no Tempest revolved around logic, or more commonly known as equivalent trade. I know, even I can’t believe that I just used both logic and magic in the same sentence. I must be losing my mind here.

The story continues are things are becoming more and more dangerous. The Japanese army launched a full frontal attack on Samon’s magical barrier, hoping to weaken and destroy it. However, Natsumura, the guy with the spear, was sent to protect the barrier from the army’s attacks. His attacks, although defensive, are pretty effective on tanks, seeing as he can sacrifice them without harming anyone.

I’m still a little puzzled. The army received a small bag of talismans for a few flash grenades, so why aren’t they using them yet? They obviously can’t defeat Natsumura in close-range battle. They could do a lot more damage if they gave a few talismans to half a dozen elite soldiers. This whole strength in numbers thing is getting out of hand. Perhaps that hot chick will make a difference.

The story finally got a whole lot better when Yoshino decided to speak too. Samon was getting the upper hand. He couldn’t attack Mashiro, knowing that he would fire that gun right away, so he decided to make a deal with him. He promised to bring him the guy that killed his sister. Fortunately, Yoshino wasn’t sure that it was the right thing to do and thought about a way to bring Hakaze from two years ago to the present. Right now I’m just curious about what he has to sacrifice in order to enable time travel. To hell with Yoshino telling Mashiro that he was Aika’s mysterious boyfriend. It’s nearly as interesting as that whole time travel theory.

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