Mar 9, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 21

W-w-what!? Really? Only in Zetsuen no Tempest do you see things like these. I mean, really, another twist in the middle of a twist? Really? That is amazing. It was pretty boring at first. It was new, contained a lot of ridiculous theories and it was pretty farfetched. Look at it now… It’s awesome!

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.33_[2013.03.08_23.33.18]We know that Aika turned out to be the Mage of Exodus, we do. It soon took another turn when Aika, although the Mage of Exodus, wasn’t interesting in fighting Hakaze, the princess and Mage of Genesis. Rather, she was a lot more composed than Hakaze, even when she heard that she was going to die in a few hours.

How did this happen? I thought that it was Hakaze’s job to kill the Mage of Exodus? Did I miss something? The roles switched. Aika was ready to die and Hakaze didn’t want her to. She even tried to stop her from going, but failed when Aika proved to be too strong for her. Aika really loved Yoshino and Mahiro. She loved them to the point where she was willing to sacrifice her live so that they could continue theirs.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.17_[2013.03.08_23.35.54]I swear, if Kotoura-san had even half of this drama then the ratings wouldn’t be dropping. That’s why I love Zetsuen no Tempest. The only thing that I would change would be Hakaze’s indecisive personality. She thinks that she knows what she wants, but she tends to change her mind in the heat of the moment. That’s just silly.

Also, why is it that Hakaze doesn’t just rush back to the future to tell Yoshino and Mahiro what really happened to Aika. I’m pretty sure that they’re dying to know by now. The question is; will they really believe the story? I suppose they might if Hakaze shows them Aika’s suicide letter, providing those two can recognize her handwriting. Hurry up time, I need to know what happens!

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