Jan 16, 2013

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Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited episode 02

I have to. There’s no way in hell that I’m leaving this one alone. I wanted to post something about Zetta Karen Children, too, but I didn’t because I didn’t think it was worth it. It was way too childish for me to enjoy it as much as I am enjoying this right now. Go Kyoubu Kyousuke spin-off, go!

[Anime-Fast] THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.46_[2013.01.15_22.59.14]I’m really loving this so far. I’m a bit worried that Andy, one of the main characters, is actually a government spy that was sent to spy on Kyousuke and his organisation. That would really suck. Right now I’m just hoping that he’s from another criminal organisation instead, but I doubt that’s the case.

I’m more interested in his ability though. He has the ability to negate all special abilities. So basically nothing works on him, although people could still drop a building on top of him. His powers, from what I’ve seen, seem to work within a ten meter radius. Perhaps that gets better with training, but that seems to be his limit for now.

[Anime-Fast] THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.47_[2013.01.15_22.59.58]I’m really enjoying this spin-off because of the lack of comedy. Zettai Karen Children was nothing but cheap comedy. This is different. They focus a lot more on drama here. I like that. It allows the author(s) to shove in a whole of surprises. I especially liked Shirou’s ability to fly like that by manipulating fabric at (I think? Or was it his body itself?) Molecular level.

There’s are only two things that worry me right now. First would have to be that You has the ability to manipulate sound waves. He can listen to people from great distances, which means that he could’ve overheard the conversation between Andy and his boss. Also, Andy now has a limited that disables his power, and that means that people like Yuugiri, mind readers, can now look into his mind and see if he’s hiding something. He’s walking on thin ice right now.

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